Only the Best People and Tools

The key to maintaining our competitive edge is our investment in creative, technically expert employees as well as in the tools they need to perform at consistently high levels.

Our employees have that special combination of solid qualifications, education, and years of hands-on experience to ensure our customers get the best. Additionally, we encourage our engineering staff, the leading talent in their specialized fields, to continue to add to their skills and knowledge. The results of this investment are evident in the many design patents and advanced degrees held by our employees.

Only the best tools will suffice as well. Significant annual investment in manufacturing equipment, CAD/CAM and COSMOS/M software systems, machining centers, custom fixturing and testing devices, combined with efficient manufacturing techniques, such as 5S and Lean and Cellular Manufacturing, guarantees that we can meet our customers' current and future design and manufacturing requirements.

Whether our customers' applications require complex manufacturing using state-of-the-art equipment available in our US facilities, or more standard machining processes available economically through our offshore facilities, our customers are assured of only the highest quality products, and cost-effective pricing in the fastest 'to-market' time available.

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